Polluted soils

 A variety of pollutants have been found in the last few years in several sites in Israel. In addition to those, there is a large amount of polluted soil and water due to fuels. The environmental and health impact of polluted soil and water is extensive.

Pollution of water sources - Soluble components of the pollutants seep through the soil and pollute the underground water. To illustrate a point - one liter of fuel is capable of polluting one million liters of underground water!

Damage to vegetation - Polluted soil and underground water may be hazardous to agriculture and to the local vegetation, and harm the ecological system.

Pollution of underground cavities - Many pollutants contain volatile compounds, some toxic, that permeate the soil in the form of gases. These gases may seep underneath construction grounds, such as parking lots and basements. These gases may even harm workers digging into the soil.

Breathing dust - In summertime the upper layer of the soil becomes a source of volatile dust particles. When the soil is polluted, the polluted dust may also be hazardous to anyone breathing them in.

Management methods

a. Land survey

b. Disposal and treatment of the soil on every level of pollution

c. Burying in an organized dump site.

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