Tire reprocessing in Israel

Following the activities involved with the treatment of used tires, a national campaign was initiated to supervise the tire repair garages and control tire waste management. These activities involve the Ministry of Environment supervisors, local authorities and the Garage Association, the ultimate goal being to reprocess all used tires.

Some laws enforcing adequate tire management have already been enacted. The Maintenance of Cleanliness Law (1984) prohibits littering or disposing of waste materials into the public domain. Contractors are prohibited from dumping debris. According to the tire recycling law which is about to be enacted, tire producers and importers will be responsible for the tire disposal.

After grinding the tires are now transported to an organized dump, but in the future they will be reprocessed for reuse. The grinding solution dumps the tire waste in approved landfills thus reducing the nuisance in open spaces, which at the moment constitutes its main advantage.

An experiment with used tires as alternate fuel resource for incinerators is being conducted at Nesher Cement Enterprises. Due to the toxic substances in the tires their incineration is prohibited.

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